Welcome to Yoga of Self

Wanting the best for yourself and for others provides the spark and the fuel in the fire of yoga. At times, conditioned habits and patterns make it hard to see a unified way of interacting with life. The essence of yoga takes you to feeling aware and present. This point within yourself is called Self. Providing its own light, it is always free and guiding you from within. When connected to the understanding of Self, yoga allows you to be always feeling good on a deeper level. This is made possible by breathing, remaining centred and not placing too much value on things that aren’t really that important.


Hugh Jack

Supported by an apprenticeship in yoga unique to anyone of his generation, Hugh has learnt how to apply the understanding of yoga to allow students to steadily gain freedom in themselves and in all situations in life. With the foundation of enjoying the practice of yoga, his teaching establishes a connection to who a person really is on a deeper level.

Through being willing and open to try the varied techniques of yoga, a student can grow in all ways, allowing them to feel more alive in each moment. Having first put the time and energy into his own shortcomings Hugh is ready to share the transformative process of yoga with you, supported by his partner and fellow yogi Elisha.


Elisha Gazdowicz

Dedicated yoga practitioner since 2005, teacher and partner in establishing Yoga of Self.

Yoga Of Self

Dynamic Flow

Around sunrise is one of the best times to practice yoga.

Yoga Of Self

Beginners Yoga

Beginners Yoga is the foundation of all other yoga.

Yoga Of Self

Foundational Ashtanga Vinyasa

Dynamic posture practice that develops good qualities.

Yoga Of Self

Morning Yoga

A chance to start the day off on the right foot.

Dedication to our teacher


We firstly give thanks to our yoga teacher who has shown us yoga in all that he does and has shared his understanding of yoga with many. We are eternally grateful for the transformation he has enabled in our lives. Taking us from a lack of understanding about ourselves and guiding us towards unified understanding. It has been through him that the essential principle of yoga has been fulfilled, allowing the student to gain what the teacher has to offer.

More about Robert

Discover your complete breath

Nourish your body and readjust its positioning,
learn to do things for the love of doing them,
experience how good opening the heart feels.
Relax the mind and improve its focus,
and be around Satsang – the essence of yoga explained clearly,
continually taking you back to the point of understanding, expansion and freedom – Self.