Yoga and You

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It doesn’t matter how flexible you are,
can you begin to breath deeper?
It isn’t important how long you have been practicing,
are you available to learn?
It is not important what everyone else can do,
can you have a laugh at yourself?
It doesn’t matter what styles of yoga you have done,
are you ready to gain more freedom through feeling your way into the unknown?
It isn’t important whether you get it right or wrong,
can you have an honest attempt and go from there?
It doesn’t matter how long it takes,
are you prepared to be realistic with yourself?
It isn’t important how much you currently know,
can you accept your mistakes?
It doesn’t matter how far you can go before needing a rest,
can you wholeheartedly pick it up knowing you will have to let go?
It doesn’t matter what results you have achieved,
are you open to enjoying the journey?
It doesn’t matter what thoughts come into your head,
are you able to follow what you know to be true deep down?
It is not about what you want to happen,
can you accept what’s best for the group as a whole?
It isn’t important how much personal attention you receive,
are you available to join in?
It doesn’t matter what you have done thus far,
can you be guided by how you feel during and after?
Love Hughie
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