What Is Your Motive For Practicing Postures ?

This question is very important as it will ultimately determine where your focus is directed and largely influence what you find. We all start practicing yoga for many different reasons which is perfectly natural. Over time the teachings of yoga have a beautiful way of expanding our initial reasons for starting and guide us towards being comfortable accessing all areas of ourself, which is essentially becoming conscious.

For a lot of people the physical body is a very practical and approachable starting point in yoga.

Over time, you begin to see how the mind and the breath have a great effect on the body.
One of the minds favourite tricks it likes to play in yoga practiced today, is to start collecting results, like always trying to become more flexible or being able to do harder postures. The end result of over-emphasising flexibility is eventually the weakest areas become unstable and collapse. Relative to each individual, at any given point in time, there is an optimal balance point of opening the body and aligning or stabilising the body. If a yoga teacher can guide people to breath and experience this point, it will allow them to become familiar with feeling happy in all areas : ) rather than leaving parts of themselves behind : (
Appreciating it is essential to enjoy your yoga, feel a sense of worth and for those who want to, provide a realistic framework to be challenged. The key point here is integrating the desire to do more difficult postures with the understanding of what is going to result in more energy flow and sustain a person feeling good. Our friend the mind initially likes to go ahead to collect harder postures through collapsing in some areas, a short cut that turns out to be a long cut.
Whether you are a teacher or student the unfortunate thing about this approach to practicing postures in yoga, is that over time you will end up damaging and distorting your body. Making some areas too predominant, instead of lengthening and re-aligning, which allows us to experience feeling good in all areas.
I can honestly say that this approach use to make my life harder than it needed to be. It was through the patience, guidance and understanding of my teacher that I was able to let go of it. The ironic part here is that when you work from ‘exactly where you’re at’ in your practice, the easier and the hard parts will both give a great sense of worth and importance in the overall direction you are heading.
Breath and feel.
Love Hugh
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