Christmas and Yoga

Yoga in pure form directly connects you back to a point of freedom and understanding from within. This supports the experience of unity with whatever is happening in the present moment. The beauty of this is, it allows experiences to hold relevance and meaning on a level that is translated back into your life.

When you go to the essence of something you will be linked back to the origin of that thing. The date of Christmas came about through the Christian tradition celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. As yoga is a universal tradition that is not limited to any religion, we can relate the significance of Christmas back to us as an independent individual.

Throughout time there have been many great beings that have done exceptional good for humanity leading by inspiring example, like a monk named St. Nicholas whose discreet giving and kindness became the legend of Santa Claus. As with recognising all of these great beings, the real value is in the qualities they represent and our ability to develop and access those qualities in ourselves.
The teachings of yoga allow us the freedom to take the point that’s of value from any situation and use it to further uplift and enrich the experience of life. The qualities acknowledged around the time of Christmas like selfless giving to others, appreciation of others, forgiveness and a general warm heartedness are wonderful things to tune into. The fact that so many people are doing this around this time makes it a more powerful and effective time to imbibe these qualities and give rise to subtle changes - a more harmonious and unified approach in day-to-day life.
In actual fact the essence of Christmas and the essence of yoga are both encouraging people to move closer towards their full potential as a human being. The Spirit of Christmas is really connecting with your own Spirit or that which gives life, from which flows gratitude, service and love.
Breath and feel.
Love Hugh
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